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Sheryl has pursued creativity all of her life - from the excitement and wonder of finger painting in kindergarten, to about every art and craft that has ever been invented.

Eventually she decided to pursue painting and taught privately and at the community college level and sold her paintings in 13 galleries throughout northern California.  

Throughout the years, she took many art related classes and focused mainly on watercolor because of its transparency and vibrant color.  Below is one of her paintings.

Her husband retired in the early 1990's so they sold their home and decided to travel for the next six years.  They eventually settled in Southern California and Sheryl went to work as an instructor at a large holistic health institute in San Diego.  She also went back to school and earned her Masters and Doctorate Degrees.

While in San Diego, she joined the local gem and mineral club and learned lapidary and silver jewelry fabrication.  She decided to pursue jewelry instead of returning to watercolor painting.  She attended a cloisonne enamel workshop at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and immediately fell in love with enameling.

During her years as a watercolor artist, she focused on the feminine as the center of her work, but always included florals and often animals in her work.  She often worked symbols into her paintings to convey a deeper meaning.  When she started enameling, it was the perfect medium to bring her earlier focus of the feminine form and beautiful vibrant colors into jewelry.
















Her current work still embodies the feminine energy, bold bright colors and symbols.  Her newest collection which can be seen at the Feminine Mystique Gallery in Tubac Arizona focuses on the mandala/dreamcatcher motif.

Today, Sheryl teaches cloisonne enameling in her private studio located in Green Valley, Arizona and workshops through the United States.  See Workshop section for current schedule.
















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